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Stephen's Story

An inspiring story of redemption.

Quotes from 2021 applicants

Nobody in my family has ever taken college courses, let alone enrolled. My goal is to be a pharmacist...I would love to serve my community and any community that will need my help."

- 2021 PbS Scholarship Award applicant

I know this gift card can't solve all my problems but it can assist with some of the issues I will be facing when I am released...I can see the light on the other side of the tunnel."

- 2021 PbS Reentry Award applicant

I want to be the one who breaks the chain of poverty in my family. My plan when I get out is to get a job to help me stay focused and out of trouble."

- 2021 PbS Reentry Award applicant

Jaclyn's Story

A testament to perseverance