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Quotes from 2019 winners

A lot of people I have met feel discouraged about college after they are sentenced to a juvenile facility. I have been in placement multiple times and I still got accepted to the school that I want to attend. Hopefully my story will inspire people to still pursue their dream."

-M.W., one of the winners of the 2019 PbS Scholarship Award

I want to work with at-risk youth. I want to be a worker in a place like this because I’ve been there.”

-E.N., one of the winners of the 2019 PbS Employment Matching Award

My transition back to society will be difficult because I lack family support. My mother is fighting breast cancer and I haven’t seen my father in three years. I have been incarcerated for nearly five years so I have nothing to come home to and any amount of money will be used resourcefully.”

-J.M., one of the winners of the PbS 2019 Reentry Award

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An inspiring story of redemption.

Jaclyn's Story

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