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We Believe We Can Make a Difference

What we know for sure: if we don’t do something differently for the young people who get tangled up in the juvenile justice system largely due to the disadvantages that they’ve faced, the cycles of violence, poverty, discrimination and homelessness will continue.

The good news is we know what to do. We just need your help.

Education and Employment Change Lives

For 25 years PbS has worked to ensure that youths who are placed in the care of juvenile justice agencies receive the education and treatment services they need to be successful when they leave. But as many as seven out of every 10 youths who leave a facility fail. What’s the difference? The youths who succeed have been able to overcome the barriers they face to obtain education and employment. Research has consistently supported our experience.

In 2016, PbS began offering scholarships for youths to continue their post-secondary educations. We realized immediately the need is huge and that a little support goes a long way to turn around a young life. In 2017, we offered two additional financial awards to promote employment for youths while they were incarcerated and to ease their reentry to living independently.

Bridging the Gap to Turn Lives Around

In 2018, we got a call from a young man who had been helped by PbS’ scholarship and employment matching awards. He wanted to say thank you and offered to assist us so more young people like him could be helped. The funding helped change his life course and made his dreams of a better life possible. His call was the spark we needed to take action. The PbS Education and Employment Foundation was established to provide the bridge to ensure more youths get the school and work experiences they need to turn their lives around.

The American dream says no matter where our lives start, we can better our economic and social situation. However that dream is unobtainable for youths who become involved in the juvenile justice system because they are blocked from college admissions and financial aid, from public housing and jobs. Join us in giving these youths a chance at the American dream. You will make a difference.