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PbS Employment Matching Award

The PbS Employment Matching Award was created in 2017 to promote a positive work ethic in youths and encourage juvenile justice, business and community leaders to create opportunities for the youths to gain meaningful work experience before they are released.

Stable and fulfilling work can be the bridge to law-abiding and self-sufficient living that young people need. But barriers in addition to being incarcerated include lack of work experience and a resume showing the ability to meet job expectations and demands. The PbS Employment Matching Award is designed to help youths experience success working and move another step closer to a meaningful and sustainable career.

In 2021, we received applications from six young people in three states. One young man will spend the summer working as a kitchen staff ― he aspires to earn a Botany degree and own his own farm-to-table restaurant. Another hopes his job at a t-shirt company will teach him patience and communication skills in preparation for a career in the Air Force. These youths will have their summer earnings matched, up to $1000. 

Applications are typically accepted in June.

I am very passionate about being a mechanic because it reminds me of the long nights I spent in the garage with my father. As far as employment goes I would want to be employed by Chevrolet to help continue to build the future cars of America… I’m in it because this has been my goal ever since I learned to walk. I didn’t give up then and I won’t give up now.

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