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PbS Reentry Award

The PbS Reentry Award was created in 2016 to provide the little things that we all need but young people leaving juvenile justice rarely have access to. It is designed to make the transition to independent living as smooth as possible. Knowing that so many bumps and barriers already exist, something as simple as sheets and blankets or clothes for an interview or work can make all the difference.
Applications are typically accepted in April.

Fifty youths have been chosen as a recipient of the PbS Reentry Award since 2016. Over $22,000 has been awarded to support successful transitions for these young people. 

"I know this gift card can't solve all my problems but it can assist with some of the issues I will be facing when I am released...I can see the light on the other side of the tunnel." 

-2021 PbS Reentry Award applicant