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PbS Reentry Award

The PbS Reentry Award was created in 2016 to provide the little things that we all need but youths leaving juvenile justice rarely have and are not usually provided or available by community supports. It is designed to make the transition to independent living as smooth as possible knowing that there already exist many bumps and barriers so removing one, sometimes as simple as sheets and blankets or a bus ticket, can make all the difference.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, PbS was pleased to offer an additional round of the 2020 PbS Reentry Award. The application period is now closed.

Reentry Award 2020

This year we were able to double the amount of awards given out. All youths who applied were able to receive the Reentry Award. We continue to collect donations and hope to give even more awards out to youths in the future.

Words from the winners

“I never had a big support system its always been me and my Grandma. … If I was to win the award I would use it to help my Grandma, she got laid off while I was here and it’s been hard for her to find work due to her health issues so while I’m looking for work the money will help put groceries in the house.”
“I have been in Nevada since I was 16 years old by myself. I have been in programs in and out ever since. … This reward will help me by taking off some of the stress I have in trying to figure out how I am going to get some things as simple as clothing."
“Growing up my family never had and still doesn’t have enough money to get by sometimes. I believe this money will help my family to purchase food, towels and blankets, detergent, and clothes. … With this money I could re-enter into the community moving towards a better life and possibly help other youth going through the same problems.”

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