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Creating opportunity through education

PbS Scholarship Award

The PbS Scholarship Award was created in 2016 to encourage and support post-secondary education for young people and staff at PbS facilities. We know education is critical for creating opportunities and closing educational equity gaps. Most young people who are, or have been entangled in the juvenile justice system face tremendous barriers to advancing their education because of their system involvement. For those who are accepted and make it to the point where the remaining obstacle is funding, the PbS Scholarship Award gives them the final boost they need.

Applications are typically accepted from February through March.

Jennings at the 2021 PbS ACT in Nashville, TN.
Jennings at the 2021 PbS ACT in Nashville, TN.

in loving memory

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Russ Jennings

The PbS J. Russell “Russ” Jennings Scholarship Award was established in honor of J. Russell “Russ” Jennings to support post-secondary and vocational technical education opportunities for young people with lived experience in the juvenile justice system. The awards of $15,000 each are designed to ensure young people have the resources they need to start and finish a two-year educational or vocational program.

Since its establishment in 2016, the PbS Scholarship Award has granted $85,000 to support educational opportunities for 19 young people and 20 staff from PbS participating facilities and programs. 

Youths watching soccer.

“Nobody in my family has ever taken college courses, let alone enrolled. My goal is to be a pharmacist… I would love to serve my community.” 

- 2021 PbS Scholarship Award applicant