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Supporting Educational Opportunities

PbS Scholarship Award

The PbS Scholarship Award was created in 2016 to encourage and support post-secondary education for youths in PbS facilities. (A similar scholarship award is available for staff.) Youths who are incarcerated or who have been incarcerated face tremendous barriers advancing their education, accessing transcripts and credits earned and applying to colleges, vocational and technical programs  because of their system involvement. For those who are accepted and make it to the point where the remaining barrier is funding, the PbS Scholarship Award gives them the final boost they need.

The application period for Spring 2020 is currently closed. Thank you to all who applied!

I am blown away and very honored to be selected to receive this year’s PbS scholarship! Just prior to receiving notification that I was selected as a recipient of the scholarship, my assignment for class was to present my goals and aspirations for how I will put the work for my master’s degree into action. I wish to pay it forward by empowering these youth to take hold of their futures through education.

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Incarcerated youths can succeed or fall back into the system. You can be the difference!